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Be educated. Be empowered. Live healthy. Naturally.

Are you tired of being sick or having no energy? Have you been told "you just have to live with the pain"? Are you embarrassed about your skin condition?

I am a naturopathic physician in North Burnaby who is passionate about sharing knowledge, answering questions and helping you discover how to live optimally!

Pain, autoimmune disorders, skin concerns, hormonal imbalances, and energy optimizing are a few of my clinical focuses

Get access to personalized medical care, specialized laboratory testing, and customized treatment plans

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If I am to be open-minded and curious as a doctor and scientist, I would be doing an disservice to my patients by looking only at pharmaceutical-based treatment methods without considering the wide range of options available. Being trained in using pharmaceutical medicine and minor surgical procedures as well as herbal, homeopathic, and physical medicine, nutrition, acupuncture, intravenous treatments and laser technology is what allows me to provide the best, most integrative and comprehensive care.

I am a member in good standing with the:
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