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Melanie, M.

Vancouver, BC

Taking the first step in booking an appointment to see Dr. Tasneem was one of the best decisions I've ever made. This year, I made it a priority to work on my inner health and following my first meeting with Dr.Tasneem - I knew I was at the right place. She's personable, easy to talk to and really spent time getting to know me and my health concerns. Following my first treatment - I was blown away by the results as I immediately saw a change in how I was feeling and how my body and skin was looking on the outside. I love that all of my concerns have been or will be addressed and some of the ailments I was constantly feeling have subsided greatly. It's true what they say that healing and wellness must start from within! Truly grateful for the treatment plan she's created for me and love that it does not constrict or change my lifestyle/diet to an extreme degree. The treatments have given me energy and a nudge to start living and being as healthy as I can in a way that adapts nicely to my life.

Sue, C.

Vancouver, BC

I can’t say enough about the care I’ve received from Dr. Tasneem Pirani-Sheriff over the last several

months. I first started seeing Dr. Tasneem to help treat anxiety. Her warm smile and caring nature immediately put me at ease and I left my first appointment feeling invigorated and filled with hope. Within a few weeks of trying some new supplements and receiving Bowen Therapy, my anxiety was greatly reduced, I’d begun to sleep better, and my overall energy was much better. As a bonus, the Bowen Therapy also helped treat an old shoulder injury that had plagued me for years.


I look forward to bringing my two boys to see her and having my whole family benefit from her holistic and caring approach.

Hitomi, N.

Burnaby, BC

My daughter suffered from uncomfortable eczema for years and years, only to be treated with steroid cream prescribed by our doctor, which only solved the problem temporarily until it would return again and again. The first visit with Dr. Tasneem was fantastic. She asked all sorts of questions, listened to what my 10-year-old daughter had to say and was so easy to talk with and explained everything so simply that my daughter understood exactly what was going on. Dr. Tasneem prescribed supplements known to be deficient in kids with eczema and after taking them for a few weeks, my daughter's eczema cleared up without any steroid cream and hasn't made a reappearance!


We will continue to follow up with Dr. Tasneem and will go the naturopathic route for as much as possible, the results are amazing! Dr. Tasneem is amazing! Thank you for all you've done!!!

Helena, Y.

Vancouver, BC

I went to Dr. Tasneem for Bowen Therapy for my joint pain. Tasneem took great care of me and I experienced total relaxation during the treatment. I regained 90% of mobility the next day and in full within a week. I couldn't be happier. We need more people like Dr. Tasneem who really cares about her patients or people in general in the healthcare profession!" 

Diana, M.

Burnaby, BC

I have been a patient of Dr. Tasneem's for over two months now, as I was seeking treatment for some of my health concerns. 

In my opinion, Dr. Tasneem has been very helpful, caring, knowledgeable, professional and incredibly courteous with effective communication skills - which are all key elements in treating patients with any kind of health issues. 

I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Carl, B.

Port Coquitlam, BC

My experience with Dr. Tasneem Pirani-Sheriff has been very satisfying. Unlike conventional medical practitioners, who tell you that you have to “learn to live with the pain”, Dr. Tasneem has listened to me and prescribed a Bowen treatment that has actually made a difference and brought a significant period of pain relief.

Dr. Tasneem is very generous with her time, and takes time to do an extensive assessment of the issues or symptoms you are experiencing.

I am so grateful to a friend who referred me to Dr. Tasneem for Bowen Therapy. After only a few treatments I am finding it has improved the range of motion in my neck. The numbness that I used to feel down my arms after holding my neck in one position has decreased as well.  The homeopathic supplements she has advised me to take have also helped. I like the fact that they are natural supplements. I look forward to feeling better each time I have a treatment.

Carolyn, R.

Victoria, BC

Dr. Tasneem is a remarkable naturopathic doctor who has the ability to listen to what you are saying, apply her vast knowledge, and be guided by her rooted intuition. I have experienced the most amazing care and had life changing results. Dr. Tasneem listened to my body, incorporated my lifestyle, and provided the perfect treatment. This resulted in me regaining full function of my body as well as the ability to enjoy all the things I love doing.


Dr. Tasneem’s deep curiosity for all things science coupled with her generous and loving heart makes her a unique, caring doctor to have on your wellness team. Dr. Tasneem will empower you with the knowledge you need to understand what is happening, build a personal plan that will work for you, and assist you in living the life you want to live.

If you are looking for a doctor to work with you in partnership, that has a holistic approach, cares deeply about you and your family's health, and thinks outside the box then I would highly recommend you connect with Dr. Tasneem Pirani-Sheriff. You will love working with her beautiful energy and will be empowered to give your body everything it needs.

Janet, P.

New Westminster, BC

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